• Serviced Offices & Factory Space
  • IT, Internet Services & Support
  • Communications Systems
  • Logistics
  • Book Keeping
  • Office & Factory Hardware
  A description of Crosley Estates business activities.
Crosley Estates provides business solutions for companies. The work that we undertake is client lead. At present we have clients that we provide:
  • Serviced offices
  • Factory space
  • Office & Factory hardware
  • Serviced accommodation
  • Internet & Domain management
  • Communication systems
  • Server building & maintenance
  • Computers – buying, building & support
  • Software – buying, installation & support
  • IT technical support
  • Book keeping
  • PA services & general administration
  • Print & design procurement
  • Feasibility studies
  • Marketing & PR
  • Business mentoring & development
  • Logistics

New business in the pipe line:

  • Feasibility study for client that wishes us to set up and run the Europe logistics for their Products:
  • Setting up office place, desks, phones, internet and computers for an insurance company.

Area of trade and customer base

Our main area of operation is the South East. We have offices in Surrey and Hampshire.

Our present customer base covers printers, design, training and property. We can provide any type of business that requires a service solution.

Recent company history

Based in Surrey, Crosley Estates Limited started trading in 2006. Our first client was a printing company in Gosport, in need of a new factory and office. The Directors used their previous experience to locate and purchase property that suited the client’s needs. Staff was employed to provide the necessary skill requirements. Crosley Estates then operated the site so that the client could concentrate on running the business. In 2007, we provided office space and services for a design company. Both these companies remain ongoing clients and as they expand so do the services that we provide.

Crosley Estates Limited first came about because there was a gap in the market for solving business problems. Many companies find that they are constantly snowed under with administration, having difficulty in finding time to solve IT or relocation issues. We can take away your business headaches.

  • Do you have a business problem that needs attention or systems that need an overhaul?

  • Do you have a backlog of work that gets in the way of you handling your day to day production?

  • Would you like someone else to help sort out your business problems?

If your company requires solutions to help you with your workload, call us!

We’ll do what WE do best so that you can get on with what YOU do best!!

Company Directors

Robert Crosley
Sandra Crosley

Contact us

Head office: Sandale, Dale Road, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, KT12 2PY. Company No: 05701759 VAT No: 881720907